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7 April

Great news!  It's been pretty busy around here lately.  Mom and Dad are having an addition built onto the house and so contractors and plumbers and delivery trucks have been a coming and a going.  But the great news is that...Grandma is coming to live with us!!  Grandma buys the best treats - Beggin strips - and she gives us each 3 whole ones at a time.  Mom is tight with the beggin strips - she splits one between the two of us after each meal.   So now you know why we are excited about Grandma coming to live here.  Plus she has long finger nails and gives the best back scratches when we are relaxing on the couch.  We have our priorities.

27 February

Can you believe how long it's been since we've written anything?  But hey we've been busy - after all winter is the best time to go for walks in the fields across the road.   All of the fall crops are gone and the spring planting is a ways off so the fields are left alone and just the best places to run and sniff and just have a grand ole time.  Yesterday was low tide around 11 am and we are talking extremely low tide - we can run through the fields to the rocks, climb down to the water and run on the sand halfway to the other shore - or it seems that far anyways.  Mom and Dad love it, too.  It's just the best all of us being out there together!

17 December

Whew!   The studio tour is history and Mom is finally having some time to do fun stuff like bake cookies although we never get any.  But Dad sure does love to sample.   Sister Winnie will be coming for a visit soon.  It'll be lot of fun to see her - she loves to run and chase that ball.   And eat - that girl is an eating machine!  Merry Christmas to all of our furry friends and their people!

17 November

You'll never guess who Mom heard from - sister Katie's G'ma - the G'ma who helped bring her into this world and who sent her to Dad and Mom.  We will always be so thankful to her for picking Dad out of all those people who wanted puppies! Our Dad's the best!!!   And oh Mom's pretty cool, too...but you know Dad has a much heavier hand when it comes to filling the food bowl and handing out treats....    It's that time of year again for the Studio Tour and Thanksgiving and lots of people and it gets CRAZY around here.  So we will just retreat to our comfy, cozy crates that Mom will no doubt clean....right when they're just getting really good and dirty and smelly she has to go and pull all our bedding out and throw it all in the washing machine.   As Dad says you can't have nothing nice!

1 September

Well we've fallen behind again with our posting and I guess really there isn't anybody really out there cause we didn't get the first email.  Oh of these days....But we all made it throught the storm okay although sister Katie didn't like all that wind too much.  I on the other hand just slept.....

27 July

You know we've been thinking,  Mom enjoys staying in touch with friends, business associates and customers through her email.  Well we want our voice to be heard, too.  So we lobbied for our very own email address and the powers to be heard us!  So if there really is anybody out there listening to us here is our email address and we'd love to hear from you!

26 July

Mom is doing two firings back to back -  yikes!  Means long days in the studio glazing.  Means lots of long naps and good books on tape!

20 July

My, what a difference a couple days can make.   I do believe we are now in the "cat" days of summer ( notice a slight name change)  But it's not so bad.  We get up, go out early when it's cool, come back in and have breakfast, go out to the studio, sleep all morning in AC, go out for a brief, and we mean brief, break,  go back into the studio, sleep all afternoon in the AC,  go in for supper, have another brief break outside and then head inside for the evening and to bed in the AC.  But we are not spoiled dogs, just getting the treatment we deserve.

14 July

What a gorgeous day!  This is definitely not one of the 'dog days of summer' - you know we always felt a little slighted with that wording......but you can't beat today.  Mom has the back door open in the studio - just the natural breeze and no AC!!


12 July

Did we ever tell you how much we love Mom's green peppers she has growing in the garden? We are not vegetarians but we love those peppers.  Hopefully the studio will be back to normal tomorrow.  Mom and Kirsten, her assistant, packed up some wholesale all morning and the place was a disaster - paper, boxes, packing peanuts everywhere and those nasty bits of styrofoam.   Mom needs to get sweeping...


27 June

Yikes, we are way behind in our blogging!  We just got home from the show in Corolla, NC - we get to go on this one which is great fun!  Dad takes us swimming in the sound while Mom is (hopefully) busy selling pots in the booth.  Wasn't so horribly hot this year so we weren't panting quite as bad.   Lots of loving and adoring customers!!


29 May

Memorial Day weekend already and it has gotten hot.  I don't mind the heat but sister Joy turns into a major slug and lives for the air conditioning or a good long swim.   Who says we don't know what AC means?

5 May

Garden is growing, irises are blooming, pansies are happy, the grass is loaded with good smells.  What more can we ask for?! 

19 April

Well today is the day we wait for every spring ... the planting of the garden.  We just love the garden - all those great smells.  But you'll never guess what Mom did.   She planted the green bell peppers on the inside of a row inbetween onions so we can't steal them from outside the yellow ropes.  Now that hurts!

7 April

Yikes we are way behind on our blogging.  Guess we're spending more time out in the yard watching Dad on his new lawnmower cutting all those dandelions.  Spring shows and farmers markets are starting this Saturday.  So it's in the studio with clay everywhere and books on tape and Mom and Dad busy at the wheel and slab roller - just the way we like it.


14 March

At last spring is here.   And that means all of those great smells all over the yard.  We can't help it, especially sister, the white dog, her nose just takes her everywhere and she hears nothing at all.  Like Dad yelling for  her to come.  Boy does sister ever get in trouble.  Mom calls her the angel dog but I think she's really more red inside like me!  Pretty soon Mom will be drying pots outside in the warm spring sunshine!

25 February

Wow was the Raku bead workshop ever a success - and despite some intense winds which Dad was not happy about.  All of the folks had a great time and were thrilled with their beads.  AND we even made it outside for half of the class!


18 February

Mom and Gramma were gone all day today making a delivery to the Annapolis Pottery.  We stayed home with Dad and had a good romp in the yard, went to the trash dump and the post office.  It was a very busy day.  Tomorrow it's another busy Raku day with Dad firing all those beads from Mom's workshop last week.  Guess that means we'll be in the crate most of the day.....there are however, several dog lovers in this group..hmmm....

12 February

Mom had a great time today at a Raku Bead workshop she taught at Studio Foray in Yorktown.  It was part one.  She took clay over there and the students made all of their beads.  Next Saturday they'll all come over to our studio and Dad will raku fire all of the beads.  Whew - that's alot of beads.  But Mom loves her beads.  Some of the students made dog bone shapes for their dogs so obviously they are a dog loving crowd.  Now maybe we'll finally get to come out to the studio for a class.  Stay tuned.... 


11 February

It's Raku season again and we can tell because Mom and Dad come in every now and then smelling like a forest fire.  They started a class on Wednesday evenings and they are doing a Raku bead workshop in a week - next Saturday.  Busy times in the studio.  Students always make really cool pots - not like the stuff Mom and Dad make.  Maybe Mom will take some pictures this week and you can see what we mean.

3 February

Tomorrow is the day Mom and Dad pull out all the seconds, clean them off and price them.  They have seconds stuck in every little space out in the kiln shed they can find.  Then after everything is priced they pack them all up and head to Gloucester for a seconds sale in front of the Twice Told Tales Bookstore on Main St. on Saturday morning - the day after tomorrow.  They do this with their good potter friends  Betsy and Marshall and just have a good ole time.  I really think Mom should just go to bed early and get a good rest but I heard her say something about giving us a bath because we smell like  dogs.  Can you imagine that?

26 January

Mom and Dad are really tired of this cold wet weather and so is sister Katie.  But I don't know I really like cold weather and swimming in Godfrey Bay in January is exilarating not to mention having a nut run in the wet and muddy ditches in the fields across the road.  It's a blast.  Then when we get home I get a nice rub down to get all the dirt off.  Things in the studio are picking up.  Orders are coming in and classes are filling up.  I hope Mom and Dad get some good books on tape.  I love a good story!

14 January

Today we took a road trip with Mom and Dad to New Jersey of all places.  And what a surprise when we arrived and found Joy's half sister Winnie!  Winnie is a black lab and a year younger than Joy ( and 10 pounds lighter, too!)  It's great to see her again and to have some time to play in snow.  We'll be back in the van again for the trip home in a couple of days.  Then it's back to work in the studio.

4 January 2011! 

Well, we escaped the reindeer antlers this year but  as you can see sister Joy got caught with the New Year attire.   Mom and Dad are getting back out in the studio, putting away the Christmas decorations and getting their hands into the clay once again.  It's been a nice couple of weeks celebrating the holidays but as always we are all looking forward to our happy times of all being out in the studio together.

21 December

The last firing of the year is history and we can tell it's Christmas time because of all the pretty lights Mom has up in the house.  Everything just glows at night.  We even have a fiberoptic amarylus in our room and little fish lights that hang on our window.  Plus we're not spending everyday out in the studio now, just every now and then.  And Mom is baking lots of yummy cookies - we know because every now and then one hits the floor!  We think of all our lonely, abandoned doggie brothers and sister during these cold days and say a little prayer that someday they will find a wonderful warm home.  Wouldn't that be a great Christmas present.  Merry Christmas. 

9 December

Well after all the excitement of the studio tour and then Mom and Dad going away for a couple of days it's back to some routine again - Mom throwing at her wheel, Dad at the slab roller and his work table - then a break to go in the truck with Dad to check the mail and maybe to the bank or our favorite - the trash dump.  The lady there gives us huge milk bones!  The big hit at the studio tour was brie bakers so Dad has been filling the brie baker molds over and over and over again to fill all of the special orders for them.  We're hearing talk about Christmas lights going up outside on Saturday and then maybe the tree inside.  We love the tree except that it usually does mean picture time.  But it can't be any worse than the inflatable Thanksgiving turkey we had to be photographed with...

1 December

If you made it to the Open Studio Tour you know we were not successful in trying to get Mom and Dad to let us stay in the studio during the actual hours of operation.  Oh well.  It would have been great too because it was so busy and so many people were asking about us.  We could have made out like bandits.....there's always next year!  Mom and Dad said they had a great tour.  There were lots of new faces and some friends who came a good distance to see them - like for instance some great folks who came all the way  from Poquoson!  Now Mom and Dad are taking a few days rest but will be back to do one more firing before the end of the year.   December already - uh oh....reindeer antlers..... 

31 October

We are breathing a sigh of relief!  We actually made it through Halloween without Mom dressing us up.  You know at Christmas it's the reindeer antlers and santa cap.  Mom made a big delivery up to the Annapolis Pottery on Friday.  Now it's getting ready for the big open studio tour in November.  We're still trying to figure a way of getting Mom and Dad to let us stay in the studio during the actual tour.  People drop all kinds of cookie crumbs on the floor!  But we're going to have to be creative on this one.

24 October

Whew!  This must be Indian Summer.  Mom took me (Katie) for a walk down to the rivershore and it is really warm and there are tons of mosquitos, too.  Sister is moving slow today (does she move any other way?) so she stayed home and is taking the day off.  Mom is busy bisquing and will be getting the glazes out in preparation for glazing all day tomorrow, loading and firing on Tuesday.   Dad is waxing, waxing,,,,,,,

19 October

Mom and Dad are enjoying this week - just nice long days of making pots - and time for walks down to the rivershore.  That's the best!

10 October

Mom and Dad are finished with shows for a while now.   But we want to wish our friend Jim Rigby good luck at the Poquoson Seafood Festival next weekend.  We hope he has great weather and great sales!!

5 October

We are so proud of our Dad - he won 1st place in clay for his Raku at the Newport News Fall Festival this past weekend.  He worked so hard getting all the pots fired despite the rain.  He is our hero!!


22 September

More pretty Raku pots - go Dad!  Love this weather.  Mom and Dad keep the back door open so we can get all the backyard smells in the studio.  We love to sniff the perimeter of the yard and sneak into the woods.  We gave ourselves away though because Joy gave Mom poison ivy!  OOPS!

16 September

The cooler weather is here and you know what that means - Raku time is here again!  Dad snuck out really early to get the kilns on.  He thinks we don't know he's up but we do - we just don't want to get up that early!  He got some beautiful Raku pots out on his first firing of the fall season - yea Dad!

9 September

Well Mom has been hard at it on the computer!  She actually added new products and did it herself!  She is mighty proud of herself right now!  Check out the new deviled egg trays, brie bakers, knitting bowls and bookends.  Her goal was to get it all done before tomorrow - Mathews Market Days in town.  Now she can go and enjoy herself!

29 August

Well, Mom is heading back down to the Outer Banks for another show at the Whalehead Club.  We are staying home with Dad this time.  We'll miss her!  She is taking bookends with her this time.  She had trouble with them warping so had stopped making them until she found a new clay that worked better.   They have been pretty popular at shows lately  and she is adding them to her line of functional stoneware and plans on putting them on her website soon!

24 August

This is one of Mom's canister sets - not yet on this website but still available as a special order.  She says they can be used for the traditional things - flour, sugar, coffee, tea - we on the other hand have a different idea - large milk bones, medium milk bones, small milk bones and snappies!!

22 August

Dad has been busy making his kiln load of various size lasagna dishes and trays.  He is the slab roller king AND he makes the most wonderful braids for the ends of some of the trays. 


19 August

Mom and Dad are back home and working in the studio again.  We love it when they are both there doing what they love.  Then we can totally relax - me under the work table and Joy under Mom's pottery wheel!


Well Mom and Dad are sweating out another show in Manteo!  We are nice and cool in the AC.  When are they ever going to listen to us?!  Tomorrow is supposed to be only in the mid 80's - whew!

9 August

Mom and Dad are off to another show tomorrow and we're not going along.  We hate saying goodbye to them - that's always terrible.  HOWEVER, we go to Summer Camp at our friend Casey's house and his Mom and Dad are really cool.  We get to swim in the creek, hang out on the dock and take naps on their couch!    

30 July

Mom and Dad unloaded the big kiln today.  Everything came out fine especially the set of 12 dinner plates.  They plan on taking a picture of them for everyone to see.  Stay tuned!  (We brought them some of the old brocolli plants from the garden we found in the woods!)


July 29

Well, the paper beads are pretty cool.  Mom had lots of fun learning to make them.  She may even add some of her own beads when she makes them into a necklace.  This morning she worked in the studio throwing lazy susans and lazy susan chip and dips.   Tomorrow she and Dad will unload the big kiln which she fired on Wednesday.  We usually hang out in the yard when they do this and bring them interesting things from the woods!


Thursday, July 28

Tomorrow Mom is going to learn how to make  paper beads and then make them into a necklace.  She can use some of her own beads in the necklace, too.  Mom loves to wear jewelry but you know in her line of work really the only thing she can wear everyday out in the studio are earrings.  She even makes some of her own earrings.  It's like Dad says you can't have too many fishing lures - well Mom is kind of like that with earrings!




 Saturday, July 24

Today Dad is doing a Farmer's Market in Deltaville, VA, just about 20 minutes from home.  It's going to be terribly hot but he does have a tent and a cooler full of water and ice and a facecloth to wet himself down with.  Not sure how many people will actually come out for this but maybe the pretty flowers he has in his display will attract somebody.  He'll have zinnias from our garden in both a wall pocket and a pin frog vase.  He's great at arranging flowers by the way!




Wednesday, July 21

 This time of the summer Mom and Dad are picking loads of tomatoes and green peppers from the garden.  They have found a food pantry to give their extra vegies to (that's great but we did offer to help out with the green peppers...yum)  The kitchen sink pretty much always has a colander in it with nice clean tomatoes and don't forget those potatoes, too.  We have this big 5 gallon bucket of potatoes in the cool studio.  Mom just brings a few in every day or so to cook.

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